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The Dolce Diet Living Lean - Mike Dolce & Brandy Roon

The Dolce Diet Living Lean

Author Mike Dolce & Brandy Roon

  • Published: 2012-01-04
  • Category: Health & Fitness
4 Stars
From 86 Customers Review
Price: $12.99


Called the patron saint of weight cutting, Mike Dolce has coordinated the high-profile weight loss for the world’s top athletes, including…
- Quinton RAMPAGE Jackson, UFC / Pride FC world champion
- Vitor THE PHENOM Belfort, UFC two-time world champion
- Thiago PITBULL Alves, UFC title contender
- Chael Sonnen, WEC / UFC title contender 
- And many more!
The Dolce Diet: LIVING LEAN gives you:
- Recipes used in MMA’s top fight camps with gluten-free & vegan options
- Easy-to-follow sample meal plans 
- Strength & Conditioning exercises with instructions & photos
- Workout plans used by today’s top athletes

Top Customer Reviews

  • Dolce Diet

    From Going tomato
    This book is for the absolute beginner. If your knowledge is limited about nutrition and exercise, then this book will benefit you. If on the other hand you are knowledgable about eating clean and exercise, then this book is a complete waste of time!!!
  • Pathetic book

    From Chris natty
    Let me spare you the $13. Eat whole foods, do Arnold Schwarzenegger's workout from Pumping Iron, and do 5 sessions of 60 mins cardio per week. There was more content in his 30 page life story intro than in the last 230 'pages' of this book. The last 230 pages are recipes and pics of people working out.
  • Skip this one

    From Nivek759
    This book is a good reference to a few good recipes, nothing more. This book does little to nothing in the explanation of why your eating the selected foods other than saying processed foods are bad. If your looking for recipes then buy the recipe specific book, but If your looking for the science behind the recipe then unfortunately look elsewhere.
  • Awesome

    From Jasonlost175
    This book has inspired me to get fit again, it's impossible to not get fired up by the Dolce crew
  • BOOM

    From sicnarf089
    Im glad i discovered this podcast. It changed my life. And lifestyle training.Highly recommended, it will fuel your brain with a lot of interesting details of what to do and eat. Big fan of yours Mike and Brandy... sicnarf089 gangstalean is my insta😃
  • Move on

    From Knes 101
    This book is a memoir combined with a whole food recommendation. Don't waste your time and money. Unless you are eating fast food daily you won't cut up on this vague plan. There are also references to the 3 week shredded plan which make you feel like you should have bought that book instead-but it has a $40 price tag. You will want your money back with this one.
  • Dolce diet

    From Raul_duke85
    Great book trying to get the entire family living lean
  • Not bad

    From Monser17
    Easy quick read. Fast effective routines.
  • The Dolce Diet

    From BrianCar
    A good book with simple ways to change your eating and exercising habits. Decently well written. Good resource if you are out of shape and don't know where to start.
  • Amazing for people who actually want to lose weight

    From Jumbocrunch
    Amazing! If your willing to actually help yourself!