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Unanswered Cries - Thomas French

Unanswered Cries

Author Thomas French

  • Published: 2012-01-09
  • Category: True Crime
4 Stars
From 55 Customers Review
Price: $5.99


The night she was attacked in her Florida home, Karen Gregory let out a scream so piercing that it carried for several blocks. More than a dozen neighbors heard her, but none called the police. By the time her body was discovered, thirty one hours later, the trail was already cold. The detective assigned to solve the murder ran down one blind alley after another, eliminating one suspect after another, until finally the evidence led him to the front door of one of his best friends -- a friend whose wedding ceremony he had officiated over just a few months before. At first the detective didn't want to believe it. But as the mystery deepened, he found himself studying his friend's hands, trying to tell if they were the same size as the bloody handprints left on Karen's leg.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Unanswered Cries

    From Redrider 1942
    A "hard to put down" read!
  • Page turner

    From Cruzer43
    Excellent book from beginning to the end. Minor spelling/grammatical errors though.
  • Unanswered cries

    From Main molly
    I enjoyed very much the sensitive way in which this story was told.
  • Unanswered cries

    From HUGS1
    This is the first book of Thomas French that I have read. I am a fan of Ann Rule but Thomas French is every bit as good as Ann. This book held me from the very first page. Every question that I had as I was reading was answered by Thomas. I hope that there will be more true crime books written by Thomas.