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My Discovery of England - Stephen Leacock

My Discovery of England

Author Stephen Leacock

  • Published: 1944-01-01
  • Category: Humour


Canadian humorist and academic Stephen Leacock had a plethora of opportunities to explore new cultures as he traveled the globe in support of his many popular books, often giving scholarly talks along the way. In this uproarious volume of essays and vignettes, Leacock sets down his impressions of a promotional tour of England.

Top Customer Reviews

  • An antique

    From Dustindwind
    Dated and worn, often politically incorrect by contemporary standards. Leacock's wit and love if wordplay do still shine brightly, though the reader will miss much if unfamiliar with early 20th century poltics, social trends and history. The book's strengths are in it observations of human character, always a strong point with Leacock, and although admittedly outdated in its settings, his commentaries on the human condition are surprisingly often valid in today's world.