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Inside (One Man's Experience of Prison) A True Story - John Hoskison

Inside (One Man's Experience of Prison) A True Story

Author John Hoskison

  • Published: 2012-02-10
  • Category: Biographies & Memoirs
4 Stars
From 139 Customers Review
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This is a true story of a journey to hell and back.

In 1994 John Hoskison was a highly respected and successful professional golfer. Then, one evening, after a tournament, he broke a rule of his life by drinking and driving and on the way home he hit and killed a cyclist.

Hoskison knew he'd never escape the pain he'd caused and felt a prison sentence was justified.

As a non-violent first offender, he could have expected to serve part of his sentence in an open prison, but was instead consigned to some of the toughest in Britain; places of medieval-like squalor and violence.

"This is a must read book. Not just an insight into how prison really is but a real life story that illustrates just how quickly your life can turn upside down. There but for the grace of God..." ~John Francome, Author and Champion Jockey.

"...a searingly honest account. John Hoskison tells it like it is, as opposed to what gets portrayed on TV or at the cinema." ~Professor David Wilson, Professor of Criminology at Birmingham City University; former Prison Governor. January, 2012

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About John Hoskison...

John Hoskison was educated at St John's Leatherhead. After a short time working in a bank, he became a professional golfer and played the European PGA tour until 1985.

He was elected Surrey Professional Golf Association Captain and has twice represented Europe in PGA Cup matches against America. He has also led England in the European Team Championships.
In 1992, he won the Club Professionals Grand Slam including the national title. He regularly contributes to golf magazines.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Name and number

    From R Landry
    You are an incredible person to have gone through what you described in your book the tough time you spent inside prison walls and the strength to pass on the compassion to the youth in society at trying to make them see the better way to life great book one of the best I've read best of luck to you wherever life takes you
  • Great Story

    From Tboss
    This book gives you a good look at what really goes on inside the prison system. It was a great read that really had it all.
  • My first review

    From Black eyed peas biggest fan
    This is an amazing book about how easy our lives can change. This a good man who made one wrong choice. While reading the book it allows you to feel exactly what he's feeling. I recommend this book to anyone. Truly a great read!!! NS Canada
  • Excellent book!

    From Alex Scheibli
    John's ability to overcome his own perceptions, based on the life he had lived before incarceration, and tempered by his ability to survive intact and make a difference is inspiring. The way he relates the stories of his inside mates (without unjustly exposing them to society's or more importantly deadly prison judgement) is captivating, and his own personal experiences, without dwelling on the horrific realities of a world most will never know, understand or attempt to help, is a story all should read. (As a personal aside)...... Bless you John for holding your own, admitting and forgiving your faults and preconceptions of self, paying your debt to society, endorsing good people, wherever and whoever they are,and making a future for you and your family. For making a difference when most wouldn't. God speed good and humble man!
  • Great book

    From Crsspen
    Interesting as there are no exaggerations and the story is too the point. Not an action story like I was hoping for but at the same time not dull. I could picture the boredom an inmate must go through. Although this author was lucky the story tells of all the dangers that exist. Provides a vivid picture of the inside and the druggies that you cope with daily. I don't get to read a lot but was able to finish this book from start to finish.
  • Inside a true story

    From Tonestar777
    Great book
  • Eye Opening

    From 12345jgj
    John does a fantastic job at opening the public's eyes toward the prison "inside" in Britain. Not only did he live to tell his tale, but he also changed the lives of the youths that were heading down a road of crime. John showed remorse for his crime upon entering prison but definitely learned some valuable lessons upon leaving. Excellent book.
  • Inside - A True Story

    From Karena Cowan
    A candid, eye-opening account. Gripping; related with honesty and a total lack of self-pity. A must read for anyone young and old.
  • Awesome

    From Darla4362
    I know nothing about golf, but it was a very good read!
  • Inside -a true story

    From Ad1234567883575
    Scary details, interesting read.