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True Ghost Stories - Steven Hager

True Ghost Stories

Author Steven Hager

  • Published: 2012-02-01
  • Category: Spirituality
3 Stars
From 53 Customers Review
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In 1981, I was a reporter for the New York Daily News, when I investigated three haunted houses. The most compelling case came from Dr. Karlis Osis, a well-known researcher who frequently takes on assignments from the CIA and other top-secret organizations. Osis would later help me in an article about out-of-body research, of which he is considered the world authority. Although I was skeptical of the first two cases I investigated, I found the case of Jean and Patti to be difficult to disbelieve. Whether spirits are emanations of our own minds, or energies from another dimension is the million-dollar question. Someday, I hope we discover the answer.

Top Customer Reviews

  • True ghost stories

    From Goosebumps girl
    It was a great book I love scary things and it was near Halloween and I was in a ghost mood
  • Bad book. 0/10

    From SchusSLucK
    If there was a -star rating, it'd be there. Bad detail, exceptionally bad stories. -10/10, would burn book again.
  • Eh

    From Lack soakingakialaka
    Kinda short and not really that creepy. Doesn't really hook you in at all & kinda bland. If your like me and spend more time looking for a good book then actually reading them then don't even bother
  • Good

    From Chrismanbad
    Nice little read of a few hauntings in nyc. Interesting