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Through the Brazilian Wilderness - Theodore Roosevelt

Through the Brazilian Wilderness

Author Theodore Roosevelt

  • Published: 1919-01-06
  • Category: Essays & Memoirs


In 1914, with the well-wishes of the Brazilian government, Theodore Roosevelt, ex-president of the United States; his son, Kermit; and Colonel Rondon travel to South America on a quest to course the River of Doubt. While in Brazil, Theodore is also tasked with a zoogeographic reconnaissance of the local wilderness for the archives of the Natural History Museum of New York. In addition to the perils of the incredibly difficult and dangerous terrain, the river was nicknamed - The River of Death as a testament to.

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  • Through the Brazilian Wilderness

    From frsky now
    Theodore Roosevelt takes the reader on an incredible journey in the spring of 1913 through the uncharted western wilderness of Matto Grasso. The exploration party endured over six weeks of Rapids, cataracts, waterfalls and back breaking portages where they risked life and limb, and lost five of their seven canoes, eluded wild Indians, starved, were savagely bothered by insects of all kinds, torrential rain and piranhas. They managed to accurately map over 1500 kilometres of an unknown river, and amazingly lived to tell the tale. A must read for anybody who appreciates exploration, adventure and above all courage.