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Titanic - The Most Complete Story Ever Told - Anniversary Edition - Matthew Vollbrecht

Titanic - The Most Complete Story Ever Told - Anniversary Edition

Author Matthew Vollbrecht

  • Published: 2012-02-20
  • Category: History
4 Stars
From 91 Customers Review
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More than 100 years have gone by since the Titanic sank. We've all heard the story of Titanic, but many recent books on the subject tend to miss out on the emotional connection - choosing instead to present a more professorial take on the subject. The result is often a book that is meaningful only to the student or historian with an intense interest in nothing but the facts. With this book, a casual, informal style is used. This allows for the facts to still be presented - even a few little-known facts, but it also gives even young readers a chance to feel intimately connected to a subject that has captured our hearts and minds for decades. This book gives an accurate and up-to-date account of every aspect of the Titanic saga, from its inception and construction to its more recent discovery and its impact on society and culture. What did Titanic's passengers eat? Why were third class passengers kept below until it was too late? Did people really believe Titanic was unsinkable? These questions and many more are explored in great detail. The author also examines what has changed since Titanic was built and speaks to the question of whether a similar disaster could happen again.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Why

    From Ottofme
    Did no one learn to swim
  • Awesome

    From Swager 47
    Yes this book is awesome because I love ship wrecks but the book is way too long so 3/5
  • Typos made me crazy

    From Cally 717
    The book seems factual enough, reasonably well written, lots of details and of course the emotional story pulled me in. But I was SO distracted by the many typos. This author's editor should be fired!
  • This book is boring

    From Kyle13245484639392649
    This was the lamest book ever
  • Loved it!

    From Diss-illusioned
    It was an easy read. Enjoyed the attention to detail. Have always been intrigued by the Titanic. Thank you.
  • Regrettable Read.

    From Callisto999
    Who was this book's editor? It is riddled with errors in homonyms (for example peak where peek was correct), spelling errors, and injected opinions written in the first person that detract from the authority and veracity of what is being related. By the time I got to the final pages intended to address current safety measures (but in fact more an advertisement for Norwegian Cruise Lines) I felt like I was plowing through an interminable 10th grader essay. Find another book.
  • Hashish dish

    From Raynazbjsj
    It is a good book
  • Titanic - the most complete story ever told

    From Shar304
    Fantastic, well written book.