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The Life of Buddha and Its Lessons - Henry Steel Olcott

The Life of Buddha and Its Lessons

Author Henry Steel Olcott

  • Published: 1907-01-01
  • Category: Biographies & Memoirs
3.5 Stars
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THE thoughtful student, in scanning the religious history of the race has one fact continually forced upon his notice, viz., that there is an invariable tendency to deify whomsoever shows himself superior to the weakness of our common humanity. Look where we will, we find the saint like man exalted into a divine personage and worshiped for a god.

Top Customer Reviews

  • A Different Take on the Life of The Buddha

    From Edhor
    This author goes to great lengths to correctly point out that The Buddha was not a god, but a mere man who, through the application of his mind, observations of the world and mundane personal experience was able to shed light on how humanity suffers - largely at its own hand. Written in 1912, this pamphlet give the reader a few odd turns in idiom and language, but it’s a good read for the student of Buddhism, if only because it give such an interesting take on th elife of the man. Unfortunately, the numerous contemporary references (contemporary for 1912, at least) we usually lost on this reviewer as the names mentioned were usually local and in th enews of religious discussion groups at that time.
  • Disappointed

    From Rockhound93
    The style is a bit belligerent and off putting. The author introduces a bizzare take on divine retribution the seems like pure BS.
  • Review

    From 83474277336831125543
    Do not read this book , based on the title it is misleading. This book has nothing to do with Buddha and his teachings I was forced to give 1 star just to rate it or I would have given it a zero. I only posted a review to help others interested in Buddhism not to read this book.