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Manifesto of the Communist Party - Karl Marx

Manifesto of the Communist Party

Author Karl Marx

  • Published: 1848-01-01
  • Category: Politics & Current Events
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The Manifesto of the Communist Party was drafted as its party program by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels in Brussels at the order of the second congress of the League of Communists (December 2-8, 1847) The Manifesto marked the end of a year-long discussion within the League of the Just about the objectives and methods of proletarian emancipation and implied the conclusion of its transformation into the League of Communists. In Marxist literature this publication, which marked a milestone in the theoretical evolution of Marx and Engels and reflected the crucial principles of their world view in a relatively self-contained and complete form, is held to be the birth certificate of scientific socialism, which was fundamentally distinct from utopian socialism. Brought into its final version by Marx, it undoubtedly was the most brilliant and widely read writing of Marx and Engels; thanks to its down-to-earth analysis of society with its concise and cogent portrayal of a humanizing-liberating perspective for workers and the urgent demands for a revolutionary transformation of society. It was the most effective and most widely read publication of the modern working-class movement.

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  • Must-read

    From d-prieto
    This is a classic piece of political-economic-philosophical literature. Regardless if you sympathize or not with the manifesto's goals this work will help you understand the social and economic tensions that arose in the industrial revolution and still drive our world. Read it, inform yourself.
  • Marx

    From Hatred of Hearts
    He was a clever man.