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The Harper Decade - Paul Wells

The Harper Decade

Author Paul Wells

  • Published: 2012-03-20
  • Category: Reference
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It was ten years ago that Stephen Harper took control of the Canadian Alliance Party. Since then, he's united the Conservative party, won its leadership, fought four general elections and changed the political landscape of the country. Maclean's political editor Paul Wells has been following him the whole way, and offers his thoughtful perspective on those events, and more in The Harper Decade, a new Maclean's ebook. The ebook features the best of Wells's work covering the country's most compelling political force — 36 columns and features, and a new introductory essay making sense of it all. Harper is "smart, consequential, divisive, beatable but so far unbeaten,— Wells writes.

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  • Beware

    From Rippedoff6721
    I wish I could write a review. They took my money, but when it failed to download they told me to deal with iTunes. Useless customer service! Beware!