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Big Trip Central America - Rough Guides

Big Trip Central America

Author Rough Guides

  • Published: 2012-05-11
  • Category: Latin America


Explore Central America through video footage and flick through photo galleries showcasing the continent's best photography and finest sights.
Designed specifically for the iPad, the gorgeous Big Trip Central America e-book gives you the lowdown on the very best of the continent. Rough Guides brings the book's stunning visual content to life through interactive widgets. Touch to expand photos to their full size, revealing details and captions. Maps, sight details, and video unfolds at your fingertips through our browsable boxes, making navigation fun, and scrollable itineraries help readers navigate. Chapters focus on individual countries, featuring highlights, breakdowns of individual sights, and great photography.  
Our "Need to know" icons give you information on demand, covering   accommodation, transportation, restaurants, nightlife, safety, and more.    A continent-wide Basics section covers getting there, getting around,    accommodations, health, shopping, and more, and our writers pick out   their  highlights across the continent so travelers can plan their dream   trip.  The result is a comprehensive guide to Central America, and a lush experience that makes you feel like you're already there.