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What is the Christian Life - Katie Hoffman

What is the Christian Life

Author Katie Hoffman

  • Published: 2012-03-26
  • Category: Christianity
4.5 Stars
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What does it mean to be a Christian? How should a Christian live? In this booklet, these questions and more are answered, giving women a greater understanding about what the Christian life is like. Author Katie Hoffman reveals the power of the gospel to change hearts and lives. • Understand what it means to be saved • Learn how to follow God • Celebrate all God has given you through Jesus

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  • What is the christian life

    From Reh#1
    thank you for this lovely book I am a new Christian learning about what it is like to love God and how to live for I'm this book has been so informative you answered a lot for me.God sent your book to me. I have been praying for him to help teach me to be a better person , and to know how he wants me to love him As a Christian.I am so glad to have him as my saviour and so excited to learn more and more I have just purchased your book the life of joy and can' wait to get started keep up your wonderful books you will reach so many who wants to know The Lord ,like me.