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Teaching - Gerry Dee


Author Gerry Dee

  • Published: 2012-10-23
  • Category: Humour
4.5 Stars
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Gerry Dee is a rising comic star whose humour has been compared to Bill Cosby's. He spent ten years working as a teacher and survived (barely) to tell his tales. Told from the honest point-of-view of a not-so-good, often-very-bad public school teacher--the kind who teaches hungover (and lies about it), loses his students' exams (and lies about it), and stages an impromptu baseball game in the middle of history class just to kill some time, Teaching: It's Harder Than It Looks is Mr. D at his best.

This book collects Gerry's funniest anecdotes about teaching, about students and about their parents. As Gerry's ode to school life, it's sure to bring back a memory or two, whether you were the teacher's pet or the class clown. Throughout, he offers tongue-in-cheek "Teacher Tips and Tricks," uncomfortable notes to parents, awkward report cards and all manner of memorabilia of school days.

He's extremely funny, on the page as well as in person, and he's the kind of personality who will reach out beyond his own core comedy audience to a broad demographic of educators, parents and students who relate to his humour and experiences.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Too Funny!!!

    From AKA ZIG
    This book starts off making me laugh and continues to the end. Boy does it bring back a lot of memories & I realize I may not have been as smart as I thought I was! The book is as funny as his show. So happy I read it.
  • Hilarious and true til the end!

    From bgreer97
    A great book to read when you need a laugh. Recommended for people of all ages because Mr. D makes it relatable. His humor and voice is noted in every sentence and along with it his beloved comedic side. Great book a definite must-read.
  • Great read

    From tstrawbridge
    This book had me laugh to myself a few times and has some great insight for parents, students, and teachers. Well recommended.