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The Three Little Teachers and The Big Bad Kid - Daniel Wu

The Three Little Teachers and The Big Bad Kid

Author Daniel Wu

  • Published: 2012-05-22
  • Category: Humour
3.5 Stars
From 64 Customers Review
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This is a very funny book for age 6 to 8. This is the first book of Daniel Wu's "Big Bad Kid" series. The Big Bad Kid chases three little teachers who try to hide in houses built with different school things. Finally, they survived. 

Top Customer Reviews

  • Funny grammar

    From kimmm_14_ruby
    This book had a good plot, only because it was copying the idea of The Three Little Pigs. The grammar was pretty terrible, and I was getting annoyed at how the author kept spelling "principle" wrong. Other than that, good effort, and good luck with your future writings.
  • Hi

    From Brandino2003
    Very good
  • Wow

    From Astrid90ttyl
    Best book ever
  • Ok

    From Luca lexham
    It was pretty funny
  • The thee little teachers and the big bad kid

    From Epicmom101202
    I though this was a got book but it should have been longer at least 20more pages and make the pics better but it was't bad !
  • Good book

    From Kitchenlover
    I me and my little sister loved this book when I read it to her now she is fast and sound asleep but it was not as nice of pictures