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Through the Brazilian Wilderness (Illustrated Edition) - Theodore Roosevelt

Through the Brazilian Wilderness (Illustrated Edition)

Author Theodore Roosevelt

  • Published: 2012-06-05
  • Category: Sports & Outdoors


*Includes images of Theodore Roosevelt throughout his life
*Includes a table of contents

For a man who grew up to become the Bull Moose, Teddy Roosevelt was a sickly child, suffering from asthma and other maladies. But his physical weakness actually drove him to be more active, which also fostered an interest in nature. 

It also helped that Teddy’s family was wealthy, allowing him privileges including home school and the ability to attend Harvard, where he was an athlete and took an interest in naval affairs. After finishing at Harvard, Teddy entered politics, but it didn’t stop him from writing The Naval War of 1812 in 1882, establishing himself as a professional writer and historian. 
During a presidency that would earn him a place on Mount Rushmore, Roosevelt’s “Square Deal” domestic policies favored average citizens while busting trusts and monopolies. Roosevelt also promoted conservation as an environmental stance, while his “speak softly and carry a big stick” foreign policy is still an oft used phrase today. Roosevelt even earned a Nobel Prize during his presidency.  
Through the Brazilian Wilderness, is a description of Roosevelt’s zoological  trek through Brazil.