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Hooktheory I - Ryan Miyakawa, Dave Carlton & Chris Anderson

Hooktheory I

Author Ryan Miyakawa, Dave Carlton & Chris Anderson

  • Published: 2012-06-05
  • Category: Music
5 Stars
From 8 Customers Review
Price: $15.99


The 2nd Edition of Hooktheory I is now available on iBooks (released March 2017). We recommend purchasing the 2nd edition rather than this 1st Edition.

Ever wonder how to write a song like the ones you listen to everyday? "Hooktheory I" is an interactive guide through the rules and structure behind chord progressions, melody, and their relationship to one another, to help musicians understand the how and why behind great music.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Ear Opening!

    From Digilogue
    Beyond music theory, lifting the curtain on progressions used by those with in-depth knowledge and implicitly by those with golden ears. This is an absolute must for any songwriter!
  • Hooktheory I

    From Manx Fire
    Started off very well and progressed throughout the topic brilliantly. I can hardly wait for the next volume guys, so lets get busy !! I will definately buy and read, re read, and re read again the volumes forthcoming. This book re established my appreciation for the piano in a very big way. Thank you !!!