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Zen Prayers for Repairing Your Life - Tai Sheridan, Ph.D.

Zen Prayers for Repairing Your Life

Author Tai Sheridan, Ph.D.

  • Published: 2012-07-11
  • Category: Buddhism


Tai Sheridan's 'Zen Prayers' addresses what is unsettled within you and cultivates integrity and virtue. Zen prayer includes intimacy with the ground of Being, making yourself whole through honest self-reflection, clarifying your deepest spiritual intentions, wishing for the welfare of the world, and affirming the essential goodness of people and life.Prayer can release you from your habitual self-centered tendencies and can open the gates to your miraculous and wondrous existence. Prayer invites you to the timeless and infinite border of the material and invisible world, the place where phenomena and emptiness dynamically interact in the dance of existence. Through sound and silence, prayer invokes goodness, healing, mystery, blessings, and can ignite the flame of your heart.

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    Excellent book of prayers to read to start your Buddhist path towards enlightment