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Batman: The Dark Knight Returns - Frank Miller, Klaus Janson & Lynn Varley

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Author Frank Miller, Klaus Janson & Lynn Varley

  • Published: 2012-08-07
  • Category: Graphic Novels
4.5 Stars
From 24 Customers Review
Price: $11.99


"A NEW YORK TIMES Bestseller! Hailed as a comics masterpiece, THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS is Frank Miller's (300 and SIN CITY) reinvention of the legend of Batman. It remains an undisputed classic, one of the most influential stories ever told in comics, and is a book cited by the filmmakers as an inspiration for the most recent Batman movies. It is ten years after an aging Batman has retired and Gotham City has sunk deeper into decadence and lawlessness. Now, as his city needs him most, the Dark Knight returns in a blaze of glory. Joined by Carrie Kelly, a teenage female Robin, Batman takes to the streets to end the threat of the mutant gangs that have overrun the city. And after facing off against his two greatest enemies, the Joker and Two-Face, for the final time, Batman finds himself in mortal combat with his former ally, Superman, in a battle that only one of them will survive. This collection is hailed as a comics masterpiece and was responsible for the launch of the Christopher Nolan Batman movies. This volume collects BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS #1-4."

Top Customer Reviews

  • Amazing

    From Non official
    I nice tale of the caped crusader and an epic finally
  • Stuff of Legend

    From crzyc33
    We wouldn't have the dark knight version of Batman if not for these books. For that we should be thankful. Anyone who criticizes the story or art of these books needs to never read or review another graphic novel or comic ever again.
  • Amazing

    From Lol778902134
    No words can describe how awesome this book is :)