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Irreparable Harm - Melissa F. Miller

Irreparable Harm

Author Melissa F. Miller

  • Published: 2012-09-03
  • Category: Women Sleuths
4.5 Stars
From 374 Customers Review
Price: $7.99


Discover the USA TODAY bestselling series! After eight long years,  Sasha McCandless is about to make partner at a prestigious law firm.  All she has to do is keep her head down and her billable hours up.

When a plane operated by her client slams into the side of a mountain, killing everyone aboard, Sasha gears up to defend the inevitable lawsuits. She realizes the crash was no accident: a developer has created an application to control a commercial plane's onboard computer from a smartphone.

Sasha joins forces with a federal air marshal, and they race to prevent another disaster.  But when people close to the matter start dying, Sasha must rely on both her legal skills and her Krav Maga training to stop the madman before he kills her.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Irreparable Harm

    From Camnut313
    Really enjoyed this book. The characters may not be what you expect and makes them more interesting and exciting to read about.
  • Awesome

    From iBooks reader
    Loved this book and actually read it twice even though I have a lot of others to read. What suspense to keep you reading all night. JackieT
  • Irreparable Harm

    From daytimebob
    10/10! Hard to put down!
  • Irreparable Harm

    From Koboclio
    Good book. It grabbed my interest immediately and held it for the rest of the book. Great characters. This one was free and I liked it very much. I will read more in the series.
  • Irreparable Harm - read it !

    From Jack & Murphy
    I enjoyed this book very much and I'm picky. I enjoy, and my preference is, thrillers/mysteries/espionage stories and I found this entertaining, so much so that I read it in two days. I like good books to be entertaining and this was. I shall be reading more by Ms Miller.
  • Irreparable Harm

    From Snowbirdont
    Great read! Good characters, good story line, good research. Read it in one go.
  • Irreparable harm

    From Helenbeariceruth
    Wonderful book!!!
  • Good read

    From Ni please
    This was an awesome read! Sasha 👏🏾 I read a lot of mystery/ thriller books and i really liked this one. I just felt some movements were over explained and the end was a little rushed but i still gave it 5 stars.
  • I can't stop reading these!

    From Catlady746
    I just finished reading the 3rd book in this series. I read the first 3 in maybe 2 weeks tops, vs normally taking weeks to finish a book. Because I can't put them down! I'm completely unproductive, but I love this series and the Sasha character! Just bought #4. I should go to bed, but I'll probably just stay up too late reading again.
  • Irreparable Harm

    From Pat Tinkess
    Wonderful read! Couldn't put it down. Characters realistic and memorable. Action packed, fun to read. Thanks so much, looking forward to seeing more books.