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Victoria Volume Two - Jordan Oram

Victoria Volume Two

Author Jordan Oram

  • Published: 2012-09-03
  • Category: Canada


Canada is a large and diverse nation. Wonderful vistas, talented individuals, and innumerable stories lurk just beneath the surface.

In April of 2012 Jordan Oram, Photographer/Writer/Speaker/Explorer ( started a journey across Canada from the west coast, heading east.

His goal? Discover and share awesomeness and perspectives.

With a camera, a large backpack, and a guampa full of yerba mate, he puts one foot in front of another, finding rides, conversations, and adventures, as he leaves his beloved coastal temperate rainforest and heads towards the sunrise.

Volume Two continues his adventure as Jordan rambles more beaches, about the city, and even.. in the petting zoo!

Jordan's journey is depicted primarily through photographs and augmented with thoughts, facts, and humour, as he explores around Victoria, British Columbia, on Vancouver Island.

You're invited to come along and see how awesome our world really is.