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The Seven Laws of Success - Herbert W. Armstrong & Philadelphia Church of God

The Seven Laws of Success

Author Herbert W. Armstrong & Philadelphia Church of God

  • Published: 2012-09-27
  • Category: Christianity
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Why are only the very few-women as well as men-successful in life? Just what is success? Here is the surprising answer to life's most difficult problem, proving that no human need ever become a failure! All who have succeeded have followed these seven laws! The only way to success is not a copyrighted formula being sold for a price. You can't buy it! The price is your own application of the seven existing laws.

In this booklet:
• Is THIS Success?
• Finding the Answer
• You Can’t Buy It!
• Rich Men I Have Known
• But IS This Success?
• It Never Satisfied
• The Seven Laws of Success
• It PAYS Off!

Top Customer Reviews

  • Great read.

    From Sausage Bite
    Thank you for this book. It's free and motivating. It's good work like this that makes the world a better place. Thanks!
  • Practical and much needed book!

    From Lawrence Rupsas
    These seven laws of success in this inspiring book surprised me. So practical, so simple, yet so true and powerful! If only people practiced these lessons in daily life the world would be a better place to live in. I want to be the change I dream the world to be. This book will set me up in the right direction. Thank You!
  • A MUST Read!

    From Kyle Tremblay
    A truly masterful way to succeed in life, and the answer is free!