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Solve Your Money Troubles! - Robert Morley & Philadelphia Church of God

Solve Your Money Troubles!

Author Robert Morley & Philadelphia Church of God

  • Published: 2012-10-11
  • Category: Christianity
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With the world locked in the constricting grip of recession and hurtling toward the biblically prophesied days of reckoning, you urgently need to put your financial house in order. Regardless of financial condition, and regardless of surrounding economic conditions, you can prosper! But to do so, you must take certain concrete action. Sacrifices must be made, at least for a short while. But the result will be a happy, reduced-stress lifestyle. Are you ready to experience the financial freedom, the peace of mind and the abundant, joy-filled life that directly result from practicing God’s laws on finance?

In this booklet:
• How to Keep Your Job in a Recession
• How to Save Money During a Recession
• Flee the Credit Trap
• Getting Out of Debt: An Emergency Crash Course
• Investing for the Future
• Plan Your Estate
• Finding Joy During a Recession

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  • Simple and Pragmatic

    From Kyle Tremblay
    Everything in this makes sense and directly from the Bible. A must read!