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How to Draw Step-by-Step - Kaylea J. Mangrum

How to Draw Step-by-Step

Author Kaylea J. Mangrum

  • Published: 2012-09-13
  • Category: Art & Architecture
4 Stars
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We are all different, but we all have similarities, even children with special needs. This book was written to raise awareness of the importance of all children. The story points out our similarities. We have pets, families, and a places we call home. All children are important. This book is a short fictional story written from the perspective of a young girl with special needs. Included with the story, step-by-step drawing instructions of illustrations from the story are printed in the back. These instructions are easy to follow for children or parents assisting their children. Instruction begins with one line or shape and continues adding one line and shape at a time. Each new addition is printed in a different color to help the student visually locate the new line. With such precise instruction, learners quickly learn how to self guide their way through the other lessons. Best of all, we learn to value all individuals.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Drawing

    From K k k k k k k k k 😃😃😃😃😃
    Good book it could be better if it was longer and harder
  • How to draw step by step

    From Mady 101203
    This book is really childish I thought it would tell you how to "draw" but it got me confused. Thanks I guess Maddie
  • Okay

    From Awhyea
    Not the best but ugly