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Zagreb Cowboy - Alen Mattich

Zagreb Cowboy

Author Alen Mattich

  • Published: 2012-09-13
  • Category: Mysteries & Thrillers
4 Stars
From 277 Customers Review
Price: $10.99


Yugoslavia, 1991. The State is crumbling, and in the midst of the political chaos secret policeman Marko della Torre has been working both sides of the law — but somewhere along the way he's crossed the line. When a corrupt cop called Strumbić helps three hired Bosnian thugs to hunt him down and kill him, della Torre makes a run for it through Croatia, Italy, and finally to London, where he’ll take Strumbić for all he's worth.

A page-turning thriller shot through with black humour and razor-sharp dialogue, Zagreb Cowboy is the spectacular debut novel in a taut new crime fiction series.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Must read

    From Dea1436
    As Croatian born i was amazed by accuracy of Zagreb and surroundings and then same with London but for other reason - good writing. I love the book from unusual title to the last page.
  • Zagreb Cowboy

    From Marymcc48
    I loved this book. It was full of suspense and was action packed.
  • Zagreb Cowboy

    From CanadianStud
    If you enjoy a good quick-paced thriller, you will love this novel. Will definitely be reading the next one!
  • Mystery series

    From PensiveSlinky
    A very good read, excellent use of literary devices to develop the characters and keep them alive--literally. This appears to be a first in a series by the author; wouldn't hesitate to pick up the next one.
  • Amazing Review

    From Fjrifijrkdkdjdkdowkajeke
    Waaait... Waaait ... It was pretty good.
  • Great, and tensing

    From Quantum I007
    Lots of literary devices, perfect book, many suspenseful moments! A few derogatory meanings and suggestive words, but great otherwise
  • Very entertaining

    From MMBlues
    The characters are introduced and developed well. The ironic humour that they all display was appealing. The author's abIlity to describe the settings is very well done making it easy to visualize how things appear without spending excessive time to describe the scene. Only criticism is that the wrapping up lacked some details but, as there are other books in the series, I would assume that they are explored later. Overall, a well-written,engaging and entertaining book. I look forward to reading the next in the series.
  • Zagreb Cowbody

    From kitcat$345
    First book I've read by this Author. Excellent book, good plot, exciting and well written. I would highly recommend.
  • Awesome read!

    From Ancik96
    Loved reading this book!
  • Zagreb Cowboy

    From Evr8
    Set in the gritty backdrop of Pre-war Yugoslavia, the author created a host of simple, believable characters moving through an interesting, page turning story. I quite liked it. The good guys are imperfect. The bad guys are well drawn in manner and actions. The dialogue is exactly how you would imagine these characters would speak in improbable situations made real by the talents of this new author. I devoured the story.