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Kidnapped the Wrong Sister - Marie Kelly

Kidnapped the Wrong Sister

Author Marie Kelly

  • Published: 2012-10-24
  • Category: Romance
4 Stars
From 2,240 Customers Review
Price: $2.99


Mistaken for her sister, Diona Brown had been tricked into visiting the island home of the Billionaire Nikias Dranias, who planned on keeping her there as his prisoner to stop his brother from marrying the woman he believed to be no more than a gold digger.

However passion had quickly flared between the two, and now Diona had found that she has to escape to not only save her sister but also herself from the enigmatic and distrustful Greek.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Really good

    From Megga Kitten Girl
    Great romance
  • Book was a nice read

    From Ggggggggggrrrrreeeeeeatttt
    The book was a nice read. I enjoyed it!
  • Nice

    From MissyR90
    Enjoyed the book!!
  • Really enjoyed it!

    From Tamika Deering
    Although this book was a little corny, and awkward considering she fell for a guy who kidnapped her, i couldn't put it down.. I found myself really loving the book, it was quite suspenseful and sexy.
  • Very engaging book

    From tomsmom2001
    I started this book an eon ago and just started reading this at 9pm tonight and could not stop reading until it was done. It is now 1:16am and it is all done. Excellent book !!!
  • Eww

    From Glum Reviewer
    It was awful, not worth my time. None of the characters were likeable; Diona was weak and pathetic, Nikias was manipulative and lame and kind of gay. The book was poorly written and over all was just lame and EXTREMELY unrealistic. A word of advice to anyone thinking of reading it - don't bother.
  • not bad

    From Very very disappointed ....
    agree with other reviews that the spelling is terrible. finished the book in one day. give it a 5 out of 10
  • Kidnapped the wrong sister

    From Mrs.foran,gsjj
    Best book ever I couldn't put it down.
  • Délectable

    From This version lover
    Sinking in every single word! Unbeleivable!
  • Excellent

    From Melgabja
    Read the book in a few hours! Very easy read, very interesting read! Highly recommended! Total chick fantasy book!