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30 best logic riddles - Jean-Michel Maman

30 best logic riddles

Author Jean-Michel Maman

  • Published: 2012-11-29
  • Category: Games
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Deduction, logic, observation, calculation: here are 30 brain-teasers to play with your neurons. On your own or with your family, try to solve one of these many problems full of tricks and traps that are as surprising as they are amusing. Simple solutions will help you get to the bottom of these diabolical riddles!

Top Customer Reviews

  • To many open variables

    From TShephard403
    Example: how many slices of toast did frank eat this morning? Answer: None, because he died last week. In my opinion the questions are poorly asked. I don't feel that i got my money's worth.
  • Boring

    From ivan garelli
    Waste of time