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The Cases of Hildegarde Withers - Stuart Palmer

The Cases of Hildegarde Withers

Author Stuart Palmer

  • Published: 2012-12-18
  • Category: Mysteries & Thrillers


"Those who have not already made the acquaintance of Hildegarde should make haste to do so, for she is one of the world's shrewdest and most amusing detectives."-The New York Times

Miss Hildegarde Withers, middle-aged school teacher and amateur sleuth, stars in five short stories by Stuart Palmer. Miss Withers, her odd hats, and her ever-present umbrella have been featured in seven motion pictures and seventeen full-length novels, which, like the shorts, are characterized by madcap stories of murder and brilliant deduction.

Included in this collection:
The Puzzle of the Scorned Woman (aka The Riddle of the Lady from Dubuque)
The Riddle of the Yellow Canary
A Fingerprint in Cobalt (aka The Riddle of the Blue Fingerprint)
The Riddle of the Doctor's Double
Green Fire (aka The Riddle of the Green Ice)