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Game Based Learning for Spanish 101 - Naomi Wahls

Game Based Learning for Spanish 101

Author Naomi Wahls

  • Published: 2012-12-19
  • Category: Education
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Everyone loves games, but not everyone has a love for learning. Why not blend the two and see if more students are interested in learning? That’s exactly what I plan to do. Learning another language can be difficult, after all it’s foreign to the students. If students find the learning experience to be fun, will students be more likely to continue their studies? I think so. The possibility of sparking an interest of furthering a student’s studies is a sound reason to pursue such a study. I will be creating a game based learning environment for an online section of Spanish 101.

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  • Game Based Learning for Spanish 101

    From Tapas2012
    HI, How do we get that book? i just got an explanation concerning the content of the book, not the book itself… how do we register for the courses. Thank you for your attention. N. Ferland