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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Author F. Scott Fitzgerald

  • Published: 2013-01-22
  • Category: Short Stories
4 Stars
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Yes, we know there’s been a rather recent movie by David Fincher starring Brad Pitt and the wonderful Cate Blanchett with this very title. But it is perhaps a good idea to plunge ourselves into the depths of the “written version”, actually the “written original”. Brad and Cate are great but, as with all movies, they are not just stories but also interpretations of stories. The original always helps us get in the shoes of a director ourselves and cast our own characters in our private movies inside our heads.
The short story belongs to F. Scott Fitzgerald, otherwise known as the author of the Great Gatsby (movies seem to love Mr. Fitzgerald. This story, however, is part of Tales of the Jazz Age, a collection of short stories from the great ’20s. Benjamin Button is a strange case of backwards-aging person: he is born with the appearance of a 70-year old man and starts getting younger. You can imagine some of the complications of such a life, but can you measure with Fitzgerald when it comes to imagination? Put your imagination power to test and read his story.

Top Customer Reviews

  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

    From Greenjellybean4665
    Loved this weird little story. The writing talent of this tale is so well done you can't put the book down.
  • Cool

    From Mike D 36
    Good book
  • Captivating

    From Michy snow
    Engrossing. It is interesting to see how he didn't really fit in at any point of his life except the middle. When were young we always dream of being older and when were older well.
  • The curious case of Benjamin Button

    From nanaDWS
    This was a fun read...a great short story.
  • Awesome book!

    From DeafLori
    I admit that I never heard of this book til the movie came out. Never saw it, but found this. Thought to check it out. I'm sure glad I did! Real different kind of story.
  • Benjamin Button

    From Boohoo66
    Better than the movie, a good read. Perhaps a great understanding of aging and the loss of autonomy through dementia...
  • Excellent

    From Peter Grear
    This short story is very good!