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Eve of Warfare - Sylvia Day & S.J. Day

Eve of Warfare

Author Sylvia Day & S.J. Day

  • Published: 2010-10-01
  • Category: Paranormal
4 Stars
From 13 Customers Review
Price: $2.99


Lycans, vampires, and cherubs... oh my. All Evangeline Hollis wants is to stay out of trouble long enough to lose the Mark of Cain, which drafted her into hunting demons for God. A former agnostic, she’s still recovering from being the latest point of contention between the two men in her life--Cain and Abel. Now she’s working for a cherub who thinks putting her undercover as a housewife is the best way to ferret out a rogue vampire hiding in an idyllic Orange County, California residential community. Eve knows when she’s being used as a pawn in the celestial political game. Now, she just has to figure out who’s the greater threat: the vampire she’s hunting, the cherub yanking her chain, or the two brothers vying to play the role of her spouse--‘til death do them part. Which in her line of work, could happen any minute... ("Eve of Warfare" is a stand-alone novella, which falls after EVE OF CHAOS in the Marked series chronology.) Includes bonus content: the opening chapter of EVE OF DARKNESS

Top Customer Reviews

  • Mis leading

    From end of the world4
    I thought I was buying the book. Apparently not
  • Eve Of Warefare

    From K.MacBeath
    Great series!