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My Little Pony: Micro Series #1 - Twilight Sparkle - Thom Zahler

My Little Pony: Micro Series #1 - Twilight Sparkle

Author Thom Zahler

  • Published: 2013-02-20
  • Category: Graphic Novels
4 Stars
From 42 Customers Review
Price: $1.99


Introducing the first of six spotlights focusing on everyone’s favorite Ponies! Twilight Sparkle becomes enthralled in a literary masterpiece. Dismayed to hear the series never continued, Twilight goes on a quest to hunt down the reclusive author, Jade Singer. It will take all of the studious Pony’s detective skill to find the author, and twists and turns abound! Don’t miss this adventure in imagination!

Top Customer Reviews

  • Predictable, but nice.

    From Super Luigi64
    This first spotlight helps explore Twilights character, particularly helpful for those who don't watch the show. The story has been done before, but you won't mind because its done very well. And the puns!