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Murder on Wheels - Stuart Palmer

Murder on Wheels

Author Stuart Palmer

  • Published: 2013-03-04
  • Category: Women Sleuths


“Hildegarde Withers belongs up near the head of the class in crime detection.”—The New York Times review of Murder on Wheels

From the jacket:
   Thick flakes of snow are falling on Fifth Avenue at twilight—and then the body of a young man suddenly falls among them, mysteriously out of the sky.
Momentarily the wheels of traffic are halted, but other wheels spin relentlessly on—the wheels of death, the wheels on which bloody murder moves silently through Manhattan’s streets.
   Once again Miss Hildegarde Withers, the schoolteacher-detective, matches her wits against an unknown X, armed only with the precious gift of common sense and a cotton umbrella. One youth is dead, and his twin brother moves under a cloud. Then death rolls past again, like a swifter Juggernaut, while Miss Withers faces the problem of the Driverless Roadster, the Man Who Wore Two Neckties, and the Symptoms of Bathtub Hands.
   Murder on Wheels is a fast moving mystery, packed with thrills for the fan who likes to play detective.