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Four Lost Ladies - Stuart Palmer

Four Lost Ladies

Author Stuart Palmer

  • Published: 2013-03-04
  • Category: Mysteries & Thrillers


Stuart Palmer’s Four Lost Ladies, a Hildegarde Withers mystery

“Incomparable.”—The Saturday Review
“Full of fun and delightful people. A really terrific plot.”—The Chicago Daily News

  No use to scream. No use at all. One of the proudest boasts of the Hotel Grandee was that its thousand rooms were all completely soundproof. She could shriek until she was blue in the face, but nobody would hear her. Nobody but the man who blocked her way to the door, to the phone.
  Love-starved Harriet Bascom was dressed for the occasion … unmentionables trimmed with Chantilly lace; the sheerest of dark, flattering nylons; a daringly décolleté gown with a Paris label. ... It was her armor. She was dressed to kill but instead—someone killed her! And she was only the first victim…

“An exciting novel, fully up to the best Withers performance."—August Derleth
“A hair-raising adventure.”—The Springfield Republican
“Numerous amusing twists and turns.”—The Cleveland Plain Dealer