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How To Add Value To Your Home - Scott McGillivray

How To Add Value To Your Home

Author Scott McGillivray

  • Published: 2014-03-11
  • Category: Lifestyle & Home


How you can get the biggest bang for your buck!

Adding value to your home is about investing your time and money wisely. You’ll often hear that a fresh coat of paint will give you a great return, but a swimming pool doesn’t add value to your home. Scott will show you
why details like quality hardware matter;what to consider when you’re renovating and reconfiguring your house;which features home-buyers and investors are looking for;when an income suite makes sense; andhow to make inexpensive renovations look like they cost much more.
How to Add Value to Your Home also includes expert advice on maintaining your home, mistakes to avoid, tips on attracting and keeping great tenants and strategies for preparing your house for sale.