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The War of Art - Steven Pressfield & Shawn Coyne

The War of Art

Author Steven Pressfield & Shawn Coyne

  • Published: 2013-04-27
  • Category: Self-Improvement
4.5 Stars
From 81 Customers Review
Price: $9.99


"…the most important book you've never read: The War of Art." -- Seth Godin
The Art of War meets The Artist's Way in this profoundly inspiring, no-nonsense guide to overcoming creative blocks of every kind. Bestselling author Steven Pressfield shows readers how to identify, defeat, and unlock the inner barriers to creativity.
"Amazingly cogent and smart on the psychology of creation." -- Jay McInerney

Top Customer Reviews

  • Every book has something to say

    From lavighuman
    It is a hit for those want to eliminate the evil from them
  • An extraordinary read

    From Tybur
    The first step is admitting you have a problem, the second step is buying this book, and the third is actually sitting down and reading it. It will be the best decision you have ever made.
  • A book not to be missed.

    From adlephia/kyle
    Simply inspiring and a fantastic read. One of the few I'm sure I will re-read every year.
  • Does not back up arguments with data, needlessly and forcefully religious

    From Eliza G. Satel
    This book attempts to tackle questions relating to how to generate and sustain motivation, and what causes a failure to do so. Unfortunately, it answers them with wild speculation, as well as careless and sometimes demonstrably false assertions, rather than the scientific rigour that these empirical questions demand. Near the end, the author derails from his already substandard analysis and wastes the reader's time with a strange yet unsophisticated quasi mystical/religious manifesto. (As an aside, I get the impression he was trying to emulate William Blake but failed miserably). He suggests strongly that religious/spiritual belief is necessary for accomplishing one's goals, which is inaccurate and needlessly alienating. If you are interested in improving your creative output, skip this gratuitous, proselytizing mess in favor of a more empirically driven alternative.
  • The first two thirds are great

    From Brad Bolen
    I enjoyed the majority of this book. I’m just not a big fan of the spiritual stuff that came up at the end. Overall it’s still a great read
  • Stepping into your potential

    From Melissa JB
    Great read if you want to shift your thinking about moving forward and stepping into your potential.
  • Must read!

    From Tuxy79
    Loved it.