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#GoodMorningEarth: Chris Hadfield - Kate Lunau

#GoodMorningEarth: Chris Hadfield

Author Kate Lunau

  • Published: 2013-06-17
  • Category: Science & Nature
4.5 Stars
From 53 Customers Review
Price: $2.99


#GoodMorningEarth: Chris Hadfield brings together for the first time exclusive stories and photos from Maclean’s reporter Kate Lunau, who’s been on the story since getting exclusive access to watch Hadfield train to become the commander of the International Space Station. The book also features “The Twitter Diary: A giant tweet for mankind,” a selection of Hadfield’s tweets that gives readers a front-row seat on what his life is like inside the ISS, as well as dozens of his best landscape photos of Earth, curated from Facebook and Twitter. The astronaut shares his wry sense of humour during highlights from sessions on Reddit’s "Ask Me Anything" and Twitter, where he answered questions on everything from fear to recycled urine to whether he could hear Don Cherry from space. Join Hadfield in the Space Station and discover what his 700,000 Twitter followers already know: it’s quite a ride. 

Top Customer Reviews

  • Chris Hadfield

    From Hothotsummernights
    A true Canadian role model, inspiration and a hero! A quick but great read!
  • Like going with him.

    From Cosmic sailor
    Some stories deserved to be read again and again, especially when they are well written and illustrated. This almost feels like these old SF books where the hero was exploring the solar system with his crew mates. You know, before Star Treck with their comfortable giant ship. We are talking about real exploration, man!