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Mark Cullen’s Secrets to Horticultural Domination - Mark Cullen

Mark Cullen’s Secrets to Horticultural Domination

Author Mark Cullen

  • Published: 2013-05-17
  • Category: Gardening


Colour, scent, birdsong — the pleasures of your own garden are many. And now that the season of planting and growing is upon us, GTA expert gardener Mark Cullen reveals his tricks for the best garden and lawn in any conditions. What should you plant on the hot, dry west side of your house? Cullen knows what will work. What goes beautifully with gaura in a planter? He can tell you. Haven’t yet figured out how to use ornamental grasses? He recommends the best.
Mark Cullen’s Secrets to Horticultural Domination: Growing the Best Lawn and Garden on the Block is a comprehensive eRead guide for both novices and seasoned gardeners who want to get the most out of the time and money they devote to the yard. A bestselling author with more than 500,000 books in print in Canada, Cullen tells you how to easily reinvigorate your soil, how to make your tomato plants flourish (plant deep, up to the second set of leaves), and how to have a shifting canvas of floral colours for several months. His eight-step recipe for an amazing lawn involves no nasty chemicals, so you won’t be able to resist sitting or lying down on it. Yards are about work, but they’re also about pleasure. And Mark Cullen wants yours to be a garden of Eden.

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