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The Sweetest Deal - Mary Campisi

The Sweetest Deal

Author Mary Campisi

  • Published: 2013-07-15
  • Category: Contemporary


An impossible demand...

Max Jernigan is ready to close the most important business deal of his lifeā€”all he has to do is agree to one request from Grayson Crowell: impregnate the mogul's daughter.

No way can Max do this. He's a decent guy. But he would love a child. He just doesn't want a wife.

An impossible man...

C.C. Crowell gave up on dreams of a family after Mr. Worse-Than-Wrong broke her heart. Hiding behind spreadsheets, boring suits and an icy attitude, she's more than a little suspicious when arrogant, handsome Max is suddenly chasing her. But she can't deny their chemistry. Until she learns about the deal and plans to pay Max back in kind....

38,000 words