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Interactive Prague Guide - Martin Schulz & Kateřina Uxová

Interactive Prague Guide

Author Martin Schulz & Kateřina Uxová

  • Published: 2013-07-02
  • Category: Europe


Interactive Prague Guide is Prague through the eyes of locals based on the own experiences. It is a modern travel guide to one of the most beautiful cities in the world to your pocket no matter if you come just for a day, a week or much longer time.

Besides the most important facts from the culture and history it provides a lot of useful information and plenty of attractive original photographs of all not only famous, but also less known places and curiosities, which are worth to see. It gives practical advices of where to go for lunch or dinner, where to enjoy nightlife, which museums not to miss, what to buy or how to travel in the city.

Clearly arranged and colored chapters allow easy orientation and all the places are by a single click showed directly on a map, so it is easy to find the way anywhere.

- Top 10 things
- The most famous sights and places you should not miss
- A bit from the history and a few old legends good to know
- Curiosities
- Comprehensive overview of Prague transport
- Introduction of Czech cuisine and recommendations of where to eat
- Shopping guide and the tips for nightlife
- Places to relax if you want to go out on the fresh air
- Useful practical tips and information you may need
- Large amount of photographs accompanying the texts
- Map links showing the position of all places
- Web links to important pages (embassies or hospitals)

The fun while browsing the pages is an added value to provided information and having just a phone with this electronic book in a pocket is for many reasons much more useful and comfortable than carrying any other guidebook.

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