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Evernote at Work - Joshua Zerkel, CPO®

Evernote at Work

Author Joshua Zerkel, CPO®

  • Published: 2013-09-01
  • Category: Computers


Evernote at Work is designed to give busy professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners a step-by-step guide to the many ways you can use Evernote in your daily work to make things easier, more effective, more collaborative, and more productive for you and your company. It’s specifically written to walk you step-by-step through many ways to use Evernote in your business. Whether you’re already familiar with Evernote or if you’re an absolute beginner, you’ll learn new ways to put Evernote to use at work – and how specifically to do it! All versions of Evernote are covered – Evernote free, Evernote Premium, and Evernote Business.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Go-To Book for New Evernote Business Users

    From mkesten
    Joshua Zerkel has written a very readable and handy manual for users of Evernote graduating to business uses. For one thing, he includes a handy deployment guide. For another, he keenly shows you some excellent add-ons to the Evernote environment. Unlike other cloud-based storage solutions, Evernote is really written for the post-Google age, where searches, tagging, and scanning supplant the older directory, sub-directory, sub-directory minset of stand-alone computers. Joshua takes some of the usual business scenarios and show you how to leverage Evernote for productivity and efficiency gains. I read this book quickly and refer back to it training my own staff and customers in Evernote use.