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Staying the Night at Horror House - Zachary Harrelson

Staying the Night at Horror House

Author Zachary Harrelson

  • Published: 2013-10-16
  • Category: Horror
3 Stars
From 22 Customers Review
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This is my first book. It is about this old married couple who had both died and this group of teenagers. After the couple died, their spirits still haunted the building. The teenagers had bet a friend that he couldn't spend one night inside the house, but it turns out that he stays a year in that house.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Bad writing style

    From The Waterloo guy
    He needs to read Stephen King's On Writing and Element of Style. He didn't edit very well that pretty obvious. He needed to get rid of many words in his paragraphs, was too long and distracting. Writing career he won't have. He tried but I suspect his friends said kind words to him, praised him thereby learning absolutely nothing. My advice is give the novel to strangers who will give him correct responses. Problem with that is it could discourage him from writing any further. Everybody has their writing style, some are greatest in history, most won't be greatest but can be extremely successful. He needed to refine his writing far more. That is one Stephen King mentioned in his book On Writing and shown his editing by crossing line on certain words, even sentences which were either too long or repetitive. Hopefully he will improve on his writing style and not give up on writing. He started on writing, he can keep going.
  • Bad, bad, bad

    From TLCx10
    I can usually find something good to say about any book or movie but.... This book reads like it was written by a 10 year old 5th grade student. I could not get past the poor grammar and badly constructed sentences. Cliche horror, poorly written. Not worth the free price. Sorry author. Grow, learn and try again.