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Alexisonfire: Photographs By Dustin Rabin - Dustin Rabin

Alexisonfire: Photographs By Dustin Rabin

Author Dustin Rabin

  • Published: 2013-12-19
  • Category: Photography
5 Stars
From 10 Customers Review
Price: $9.99


This collection of photographs documents two very different endings of the band, Alexisonfire. With over 200 exclusive photos and interactive photo galleries, this book is photographer Dustin Rabin’s interpretation of those final shows. The photos are intimate and explosive, and are accompanied by exclusive commentary from all five members of Alexisonfire, including audio commentary. For the fans who were at these shows, the photos will bring them right back to this unforgettable experience that was at times gut-wrenching and other times blissful. For those who were not there, this book will bring them as close as they can to having been there. Dustin Rabin has toured with some of the World’s biggest rock bands, and his work is admired by the bands and their fans alike. Official website:

Top Customer Reviews

  • Awesome!

    From BuddhaT
    The photos in this book are unreal. I am a huge Dallas Green fan and therefore Alexisonfire fan, so this was awesome to see! Love the behind the scenes.
  • Nothing like it

    From Scottie Wats
    Beautiful series of photos, videos, and audio clips. Gives a great perspective on the crew of Alexisonfire and feels like you are there at each show. There really isn't anything else like it! I want prints of these photos! Great band! Great book!
  • Immersive and Emotional

    From TheNewBEAT
    I've been an Alexisonfire fan since I heard their first tracks back in 2002. This book genuinely brings you as close as possible to their final moments. It has unbelievable photography, revealing moments I thought I'd never get to see. It also has quotes and audio snippets that really bring the moments alive. I actually got pretty emotional reading through it all. I'll miss the band and I'm glad this book exists to document their closure! Well done.