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His Challenging Lover - Elizabeth Lennox

His Challenging Lover

Author Elizabeth Lennox

  • Published: 2014-01-17
  • Category: Contemporary
4 Stars
From 17 Customers Review
Price: $3.99


Attracting beautiful women has never been a problem for Xander Thorpe.  He's tall, strong, intelligent, and successful - what's not to like?  Despite the seemingly endless string of stunning women who try to attach themselves to this oh so eligible bachelor, Xander remains haunted by the always lovely Autumn Hallman, the uber-efficient office manager for The Thorpe Group.  Although Xander and Autumn's office arguments are frequent and animated, for Xander they are a cherished part of the day.

Autumn hates it every time a beautiful woman walks through the doors of The Thorpe Group, because she knows that the woman is (or will be) Xander’s next fling.  She tries very hard not to let Xander get to her, but somehow he is able to get under her skin.  She tries to initiate an office truce, but the despicable man just keeps on bringing his lady loves into the office!  In her mind, it is unprofessional and inappropriate. Others may be intimidated by him, but she’s not afraid to confront him!

What will happen if their true feelings for each other can break through the barriers that their office battles have created?

BONUS:  This book contains special epilogues with the weddings for all four Thorpe Brothers books!