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The Mark of the Hummingbird - Jessica Gollub

The Mark of the Hummingbird

Author Jessica Gollub

  • Published: 2014-01-14
  • Category: Children's Fiction


Burying the truth in the snow can’t conceal it forever

Leona was born a survivor—one of the few sheltered in a prison that withstood the plummeting temperatures of the frozen days. Now, as the weather slowly warms, she struggles to understand a culture and society vastly different than the one created by her elders. Standing on the cusp of her seventeenth birthday, the day she will officially become a woman and eligible for marriage, the tiny world she had long since accepted suddenly seems stifling. Conflicts and curiosity propel her beyond the fences of her home into a barren and uncertain future, with one asset that just might keep her alive