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I Wish It Were Fiction - Aaron Starkman

I Wish It Were Fiction

Author Aaron Starkman

  • Published: 2014-03-03
  • Category: History


The writer of this memoir, Aaron Starkman, was barely 20 years old when he was driven into the Nazi Hitler hell. He decided to keep a diary, where he made notes of everything that was happening. He did not know whether he would survive. When he was liberated, he gathered all the notes and deposited them with the Warsaw Jewish Historical Institute. Unfortunately, few of the survivors kept notes about the horrible events, that took place.

When the history of the Holocaust will be written, and when future history of the Holocaust will be written, and when future historians will gather their materials from the archives, there is no doubt that they will utilize Aaron Starkman’s diary with its description of the events that took place and the murders that the Hitlerite hordes committed. These facts will also serve as an example of the fate that befell most Jewish communities in Poland and Eastern Europe.

Top Customer Reviews

  • An invaluable piece of history

    From daniellevine
    This memoir is an invaluable piece of history. It is a quick but emotional read. I highly suggest it for anyone interested in a first-hand telling of the struggle to stay alive during the Holocaust.