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3 Day Potty Training - Lora Jensen

3 Day Potty Training

Author Lora Jensen

  • Published: 2014-03-08
  • Category: Parenting
4 Stars
From 9 Customers Review
Price: $13.99


3 Day Potty Training gives you a step-by-step approach to toilet training that aims to have your child completely potty trained in as little as 3 days.

You will learn how to:
+ Work with the child that has ZERO interest or motivation;
+ Work with stubborn children;
+ Get your child to actually go IN the toilet when they are ON the toilet;
+ Travel with your newly potty trained child;
+ Correctly address regression or relapses;
+ Potty train twins and triplets;
+ Potty train children with autism or who are speech-delayed;

Top Customer Reviews

  • Best book for potty

    From rjhu
    It work in my speech delay boy when he was almost 3 years old! It’s clear and always positive for the child!
  • The potty whisperer

    From plouffer
    A week ago my son had no interest in the potty and actually would run screaming if suggested to just try. A stranger at a park last Sunday suggested we read this book and swore by it to be successful. So my husband spear headed our boot camp while I was at work Friday and we dove all in. He first day was very discouraging with no signs of success to come. But Saturday we saw significant improvement. Then today our 25 month old woke up in the morning dry and nap time dry and initiated using the potty and only had 2.5 accidents all day. I know it's going to take consistency to keep the progress going but this is night and day from the start of the weekend! I will be that stranger who passes this along to other parents for maybe the rest of my life!! Thank you Lora for your hard work