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Transformative Inquiry - Michele T.D. Tanaka PhD

Transformative Inquiry

Author Michele T.D. Tanaka PhD

  • Published: 2014-04-02
  • Category: Education


Welcome to the process of Transformative Inquiry. The term Transformative Inquiry (TI) refers to a multi-faceted process that includes particular concepts, actions and philosophical approaches. This book is written primarily for the mentors (instructors) and inquirers (educators) who participate in the TI practice. It is a guide for us as we engage in TI together as learner~teacher~researchers. 

TI is a practice, where we engage in new activities and routines as educators.  We employ different modalities in order to expand our ways of being in educational contexts. You are not alone in this expansion, the instructors continue learning as well. TI is also a stance, in that it can become a way of being an educator; the lens through which we look that draws from our cultural paradigms and worldviews. Through developing the practice and stance of TI within the course, we hope to transform both practice and stance in order to benefit all future students with whom we interact.