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Cruel Justice - M A Comley

Cruel Justice

Author M A Comley

  • Published: 2011-10-06
  • Category: Police Procedural
4 Stars
From 200 Customers Review
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The woods held secrets… …and a headless body. It’s not the only one. When the news broke, it was chaos. With the two best detectives on the case, there were sure to be some answers. At least that was the hope. They’re stumped. And people are scared. DI Lorne Simpkins is getting bad vibes on this one. She can’t shake the feeling that she’s being watched. Are they dealing with a serial killer or are there two murderers on the loose? Now she and her partner are besieged on all sides by the press, their new boss, and every person they see on the streets. People want answers. Nobody is happy with how it’s going… …especially not the person who sent her the most frightening letter she’s ever read. You won’t believe the twists and turns in this thriller. Get ready to turn pages until well past your bedtime. This one’s addictive. Get it now. The first book in the Justice series by NY Times bestselling author M A Comley

Top Customer Reviews

  • Cruel Justice

    From retired-ronny
    Excellent reading from start to finish. Hard to put down
  • Cruel Justice

    From memdq
    I loved every minute of it. Could not put it down. Thank you. Well written. Kept me interested all the way thru.
  • Cruel Justice.

    From Obslicer
    This book kept me hooked! It was little predictable but, very well written! I enjoyed it.
  • Cruel justice

    From 879eel
    It was a good book I couldn't put it down Love it
  • Great Read!

    From JPags56
    After a long hiatus from reading novels, Cruel Justice was a great return to it. Despite some difficulty with some of the U.K. terminologies, it was a thrilling read...a well-written page-turner for me! I give it a hearty thumbs-up!
  • Good novel.

    From kabien-d-fresh
    Cruel Justice was a good book with very unique twists. Overall, it was easy to read and very realistic. However, I think the plot could've been a little more well thought out. I'd recommend reading it though!
  • Awesome

    From Alicoda
    Couldn't put it down