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Live for Me - Erin McCarthy

Live for Me

Author Erin McCarthy

  • Published: 2014-06-30
  • Category: New Adult
4 Stars
From 49 Customers Review
Price: $3.99


The solace she sought…
In and out of foster care her whole life, Tiffany Ennis has never had space or privacy, so housesitting a mansion on the coast of Maine with only the absentee rich owner’s dog for company is pure bliss. But her peace is shattered when the owner returns to his compound unexpectedly. Devin Gold, known in the music industry as Gold Daddy, is usually in New York City attending drop parties and having women throw themselves at him, and Tiffany wishes he’d stayed there.  There’s no reason for a top producer to hole up in the middle of nowhere in the dead of winter, yet she finds the sexy bad boy very intriguing.
Even knowing that he’s a decade older, filthy rich, and could only want her for his momentary amusement, Tiffany enjoys their intellectual conversations and clever sparring matches. To her shock, Devin returns the interest, in a way that is dark and brooding, yet deeply compelling.
Becomes an affair she never expected…
Even when he hosts beautiful models and famous rock stars from the city in his mansion, he still seems to prefer her company, and is protective when she is anonymously threatened.  But how far is Tiffany willing to go with a man who carries secrets, for a love she may not be able to hold onto?
And all the lines between past and present and right and wrong are blurred…
Live For Me is book 2 in the Blurred Lines series from the USA Today bestselling author Erin McCarthy. All five books in the series are currently available and are as follows:
You Make Me
Live For Me
Let Me In
Meant For Me
Breathe Me In