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125+ Funny Jokes: Funny Jokes for Kids - Johnny B. Laughing

125+ Funny Jokes: Funny Jokes for Kids

Author Johnny B. Laughing

  • Published: 2014-06-06
  • Category: Humour
3.5 Stars
From 428 Customers Review
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125+ Funny Jokes: Funny Jokes for Kids!

The Joke King, Johnny B. Laughing... "The Online King of Comedy"

This funny joke book is excellent for long road trips, waiting rooms and reading aloud at home!

The Joke King is back with another hilarious joke book full of funny, laugh-out-loud, silly comedy and humor! This joke book will help you dominate joke battles and be the funniest person around. These jokes are for children of all ages, teens, and adults.

Funny and Hilarious Jokes for Children of all ages, Kids, Teens, and Adults!

Did you know laughing has positive effects on the body? Laughter can reduce stress, help you bond with others, and even change your mood. Do yourself a favor and tell a friend a funny joke today!

Scroll up and claim your copy today and start laughing!

Top Customer Reviews

  • uིmིmིmིmིmི

    From Avreet
    i͎ d͎o͎n͎t͎ k͎n͎o͎w͎
  • 😂

    From _kaayce
    This book is great! Like if you're a dancer (like you know your ballet performances) there is one hoke that stood out to me, you have to read this book! 😂
  • What is this ?😡😡😡

    From Tydman556
    This is almost the worst book in the world
  • Just why.

    From ++*^>£€>
    These jokes are horrible.

    From Tristan-Lynn
    Some of the jokes didn't make sense and almost all of them sucked
  • Amazing book you guys

    From Cape boomer
    That was amazing
  • Wow 😅😅😅

    From AirCanada4536
    Great book! Keep it up! 😖
  • WtF

    From Fifaxvgvjionfav
    The say it is tongue twister but it is a ad to get more book stupid don't get it it a waste of data space
  • Awesome

    From Andie ob
    I love this book i read some of the the jokes to my dad and he laughed really hard personally i dont like jokebooks but im glad i tried it out it was really really really funny Bye
  • 😅😩

    From Bvggvghgggffghvvgvvhvvbjjj